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Pow Pow Food is more than survival – food is joyous, it brings us together in our moment of celebration, and it brings us comfort in our moments of sadness. It helps us make friends and build community. At Spicewise, we want to do our little part in bringing the joy of food into your lives. Whether it’s just you yearning for a delicious plate of biryani after a hard day at work, or if it’s an intimate gathering of your closest friends, or a big family celebration – we are here to be the central place to satisfy your hankering for the most delectable biryanis, kebabs, curries, and bread.

We are equipped to service bulk orders for any and all occasions. Our full-service team allows us to serve a variety of events with perfect ease. Whether it is a small get together or a full-blown event, our teams work with you to customize the menu as per your requirements and what the occasion demands.


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