Vehicle Wrapping Tools

We are providing vehicle vinyl wrap tool kit. for good quality vinyl wrap you need to use good tools. An artist is nothing without good tools. we know the value of our art. Our wrapping tools. Plastic squeegee, Felt squeegee, Wool squeegee, Gloves, Magnet, Wrap cutter, Design Cutter, 30D Blades, Knife less tape.

Car Wrapping Tools

Plastic Squeegee Rs. 120/-
Felt Squeegee Rs. 175/-
-10% OFF 3M Wool Squeegee Rs. 650/-
7pcs Scrapper Tools Rs. 900/-
Megnet Holder Rs. 900/-
Gloves Pair Rs. 120/-
B&D Heat gun Rs. 3800/-
Cleaner Spray Rs. 120/-

car wrap toolkit vehicle vinyl wrap

Cutting Tools

Vinyl Cutter Rs. 150/-
10pcs Set Vinyl Cutter 30D Blades Rs. 250/-
Design Cutter Rs. 300/-
10Pcs Set Design Cutter Blades Rs. 250
Design end knifeless tape Rs. 6500/-
Finishline knifeless tape Rs. 5600/-