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Car wrap training school

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Benefits Of Wrap Training Certification?

  1. Opportunity to join PowPow India Network.
  2. Tech support via our expert staff.
  3. PowPow India will consider you as a Installer In your City And State and refer the installation inquiry to you.
  4. You will Get Knowledge how to check vinyl wrap quality
  5. you will get how to apply vinyl with finishing quality
  6. Knowledge about Tools and Instruments
  7. You will Get 24x7 Support when you will stuck any where in installation
  8. You will get all training material.

car wrap training school, vehicle wrap training institute

4 Days Training Session

The Wrapper Mr. Shan is a very well known wrapper in the Wrap Industry globally almost like a celebrity having experience of over 6 years in wrapping. In PowPow India Vinyl Wrap Training Institute you can learn how to wrap a car and how to install PPF. He has been training and sharing his experience and tips with applicators who have been in the wrap business over 5-6 years themselves.

Training will happen in a clean and closed environment to make it conducive to learning and ensure that every participants gets their moneys worth. After training student can carry tools with him, no need to deposit.

The cost of this class is Rs. 35,000 per student.

Included In Training

Car wrap tools knowledge.
Car wrap material Knowledge.
Measurement of car for wrap.
Car cleaning and wrapping.
Paint protection film installation.
Custom Design wrap installation.
wrap uninstallation.
Vinyl wrap material during  training.


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